Life is weird.

I spend a lot of time reflecting these days. It's curious - I'm practically at the end of my degree. Sure, I'm going into another one, but I managed to get through the first one, which I find pretty damn cool. I tend to think a lot about how I might apply the mathematics I've […]

Musings of a Uni student.

So, if all goes to plan, I will hold a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics in just under three months. As I sit there, and actually type it down - that I'm actually so close to the finish, that I'm nearly there - I guess I'm a bit daunted by it. It's an interesting thing - […]

Charge to 240.

It's a fascinating feeling, obliterating your own blog. As utterly bizarre as that sounds - when I decided to start shuffling the blog around, about a fortnight ago, I thought "How cool is this?". Then I got into the grinding and the cutting and the breaking - and I realised that taking down the blog […]