Tomato Timer

So it's just shy of 5:30am here, and I'm working on assignments.

... or at least trying to find the motivation to. Personally, the content is driving me loopy. The notion that a teacher is an 'expert', but that teachers will always be learning so in essence they're never an expert. Ok, got it, we supposedly know 'everything' and 'nothing'.

I do wonder if the teaching degree will break my head in before I finish it. So many perceived fallacies and inconsistencies, it drives me a little crazy to be honest.

I've always respected my teachers somewhat. Don't get me wrong, when I thought they'd made a mistake, I'd make it known to them. And I was a right jerk to my teachers over that, sometimes - particularly in my late high school years. I remember in the space of a week having a go at two of my maths teachers for marking errors in which I was confident that I was right, and they were wrong, yada yada yada.

The bemusing thing that comes from that is that in a few short years, I'll be the teacher in front of the classroom. Trying to engage, define, motivate - to get them to think greater than school, and to achieve the best they can. There's a spectre of irony around that.

  • I don't know why there is differentiation and integration in maths. After passing school i never use that in my life for a single time. And because of that in school time i trouble a lot for passing.