Day 2,557 - Version 5.0.1

So in the years I've been away from Mathematical Mischief - and WordPress in general - they've really done some tweaking under the hood.

It's funny to think that it's been seven years since I started this blog - from it being a little thing I pumped my heart into for a year, then got disenchanted and took time away from - took a very, very long time away from.

It's funny, you know - I used to talk to my friends about how my blog was my pride and joy - it helped me get work, to express myself - to get ideas out there that I was thinking about.

But in the years that went by, I went quiet - I became sucked into the rest of life, you know? I had work, I wanted more - but funnily enough, wanting more hasn't made me happier.

I''ve always wanted to get back to the blog - I tinkered around with resets a few times, changed hosting providers, kept in touch with fellow bloggers - but I never quite got back into it.

So, I'm restarting the blog again. Blank slate, really - I haven't even thought up an about page yet. I think I'll make it up as I go. It'll have links to math, sure - but I want to explore the things I find interesting - delve into those a little, see what I can make of it.

Heck, when I started this blog, my favourite eSport hadn't even released yet!

Let's see where it goes, hey?

All the best,
- MathMischief