Who is Josh?

That's me!

Hi, I'm Josh. I'm a twenty-something living in Melbourne, Australia.

I suppose you could call me a mathematician of sorts - I spend my days working at a local supermarket, and my nights helping students with maths. Sometimes that's trawling Twitter and Reddit, other times it's in the homes of students, tutoring them IRL.

I was fortunate to have wonderful maths teachers when I was younger - that challenged me, and gave me the opportunity to explore my interests. As I've grown older, I've never given up on that exploration - sometimes it's as small as analysing my finances, other times it's as complex as optimising an area at work.

Currently, I am working on my Masters in Education (Secondary Teaching) - it's a long and rough road, but I'm determined to get it done. Hopefully, I can be a teacher that inspires students, and encourage them to go further with maths - who knows, maybe they'll be able to change the world.


Josh, April 2017